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UPDATED: Photo of Beau Biden announcing he won't seek U.S. Senate seat


UPDATE: Longtime Attytood reader SM, an expert on Delaware politics, weighs in with something of a defense of Biden Jr.:

But here's my two-cents worth:

It makes no sense for Biden to make his first run for a major office and in all probability lose.  Mike Castle will be a one-term senator because of his age and health and Biden will be young enough to run in 2016.  Furthermore, and this is lost on non-Delawareans, his comments regarding that major child molestation case ring true.  This is a huge case in a tiny state.

My two cents? All true, but a) the Democrats obvious complete lack of confidence going into November is a self-fulfilling prophecy and b) the best politicians are the ones who run when THEY are ready for a job, not by sticking a finger in the wind.