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Quote of the day

Introducing a new Attytood feature that I've scheduled to sunset out of existence tomorrow. But this is an awesome quote about our beleagured schools superintendent:

"It's funny that all these people can show up to defend Arlene Ackerman, but not come to talk about when Asian students were getting beat up or that kids are failing out of school," said a former district employee.

Bingo. Maybe one of the "exorbitant" (awesome use of the language there) number of high-ranking officials can identify just one wonderful thing that Ackerman's done that at least 500 other skilled school administrators wouldn't have done as well. In the meantime, Ackerman has done bad things those other 500 wouldn't have done. such as a) totally botching an episode in which students were phsyically attacked because of their race and b) directing a seemingly "exorbitant" contract to a high bidder. The way that corrupt public officials close ranks -- and get away with it -- in Philadelphia is flabbergasting. The buck stops with Ackerman, and the officials who heap praise on her are making fools out of themselves, but the voters who re-elect these fools aren't doing themselves any favors.

Meanwhile, as strongly as I feel that Ackerman must go, I wish some of the commenters in the linked post at top would take their hoods off before posting. Jeez.