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"Racial" profiling by the cops in Bensalem -- of blondes

What on earth did poor Susan Finkelstein do to deserve this. Sure, the woman's scheme for, um, scoring World Series tickets was rather unconventional -- but I'm not exactly sure who she was hurting here. In return, the Bensalem police and prosecutors up in Bucks County have caused her to lose her decent job and now are showing off topless photos of her in court and depicting her as a "whore" (supposedly her words, but in a he-said-she-said between her and the cops, who knows?). For who? For what?

Meanwhile, we learned today what the Bensalem cops consider a wise investment of their time -- "racial" profiling, as long as your race is..."blonde." I guess the moral here is not to Drive While Blonde in Bensalem. Check this out:

Sgt. Richard Bugsch testified before District Judge Joseph Falcone yesterday that he contacted Finkelstein Oct. 26 after spotting her post while trolling the Web site looking for illegal activities. He found Finkelstein's posting by putting the word "blonde" in the site's search engine, he said.

Well, gosh, cruising the Internet looking for smutty ads involving blondes seems like a perfectly good use of that officer's time -- as does meeting her at a mall bar and then of course the time spent in court today making sure that we deal with this menace to society. I mean, this is Bensalem, so it's not like there's any, you know, escaped murderers to be looking for or anything. Wait...what?

A man who escaped from a Philadelphia jail on Thanksgiving has been captured.

Oscar Alvarado, 27, was arrested Monday at the Neshaminy Motor Inn on Lincoln Highway in Trevose Monday afternoon, officials said.

He had been eluding authorities since last month when police say he simply walked out of the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility.

Well, you know, why would they find a killer hanging out in a local motel right away? -- he's probably not even blonde! Look, I'm not saying that all prostitution should be legalized, because God knows that streetwalkers are a horrible blight on some Philadelphia neighborhoods. But whatever Susan Finkelstein was up to in her quest for World Series tickets, I don't think it's a matter for police and prosecutors to judge her on the content of her character...or the color of her hair.