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Reagan to Rush Limbaugh: "You know nothing of my work"

Apparently, the Ronald Reagan Legacy project forget to tell anyone that one of the Gipper's major presidential achievements was a Social Security deal that included a hefty hike in payroll taxes -- Rush Limbaugh clearly doesn't know anything....about it. Rush apparently believes that facts are stupid things.

Anyway, I promised you some more Reagan hot links, so here ya go!

-- From the pages of the Washington Post (yes, THAT Washington Post), my op-ed on "5 Myths About Ronald Reagan's Legacy." My favorite is this one, because it manages to praise Reagan and completely confuses today's breinwashed right-wingers:

With the exception of the 1986 bombing of Libya, Reagan also disappointed hawkish aides with his unwillingness to retaliate militarily for terrorism in the Middle East. According to biographer Lou Cannon, the president called the death of innocent civilians in anti-terror operations "terrorism itself."

In 1987, Reagan aide Paul Bremer, later George W. Bush's point man in Baghdad, even argued that terrorism suspects should be tried in civilian courts. "A major element of our strategy has been to delegitimize terrorists, to get society to see them for what they are - criminals - and to use democracy's most potent tool, the rule of law, against them," Bremer said. In 1988, Reagan signed the United Nations Convention Against Torture, which stated that torture could be used under "no exceptional circumstances, whatsoever."

-- Meanwhile, talks to me about how, among other things, Jimmy Carter was more popular with Americans in the early 1990s than Reagan -- when memories of what Reagan actually did were fresher in people's minds.

-- Finally, I know a lot of you have been asking me when I'm going to take my rightful place on HBO alongside Bill Maher and Tony Soprano. Your answer will come tomorrow night at 9 o'clock, when the network airs what sounds like an amazing documentary from award-winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki called simply "Reagan."

Please check it out for me -- especially since I'll be working and can't see it.