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Santorum, with footnotes

Sounds like everybody's favorite Inquirer columnist is campaigning for GOP chairman -- good luck with that. Here's the Elephant in the Room's analysis of our current political condition...with footnotes:

I believe America is a center-right country. (1) We should not back away from the policies that have built this great nation just because European progressivism is "in." (2) America will not thrive if we continue to abandon capitalism (3); our leadership role in the world, backed by a strong military (4); and the values our forefathers bequeathed to us in our founding documents. (5)

1. Is that why Democrats received more popular votes in four of the last five presidential elections and control both houses of Congress by a huge margin?

2. "In"? How many of the more than 69 million Americans who voted for Obama knew what "European progressivism" is?

3. What about continuing to abandon any kind of regulation or law enforcement?

4. Does "leadership" include "pre-emptive war"?

5. Like separation of church and state?