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Scary Potter

As noted here before, there's actually an issue that the Left and the Right in this country agree on, which is dislike of the way that the government bailed out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Obviously, there's some differences -- the Left directs its anger more at fat-cat CEOs while right-wing rage, as always, flows toward the government -- but the bottom line is that no one is happy with the big bonuses or the big paydays that big bankers continue to dole out to one another -- with our tax dollars.

The thing is, unlike most issues in the public arena, there's something you can do about this one. If you don't like the way that a bank like Citibank is behaving, you can always take your money out of there. Now here's the award-winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki (yet another liberal from the Hackley School -- hooray!) to tell us how. And it's entertaining! Especially if you like "It's a Wonderful Life."