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Starbucks' lame brew

Outsourcing this one to Hamilton Nolan of Gawker, who said what I wanted to say 100X better:

It's fine with Howard Schultz if our political system is fucked up, unequal, and ruled by corporate money and special interests. It's fine with Howard Schultz that our campaign finance system leads to inherent rule by and for the wealthy, and that our winner-take-all system of voting lends itself to extremism in politicians who do not represent the wishes of vast swaths of their constituents. Howard Schultz just wants politicians to be nice to each other while they continue perpetuating the same problems that we already have. Instead of putting forth a firm plan to solve this "fiscal cliff" crisis, instead of laying out an economic plan to reduce inequality and fix the tax system and tackle deficits, Howard Schultz uses his monstrous platform to ask only for niceness:

Have I mentioned recently that bipartisanship is overrated. Let's go over the damn cliff, then restore some semblance of tax fairness and cut waste at the Pentagon.