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UPDATED: That's exceptional, America!

Who said it?

Our country is challenged economically as never before.  You know, people talk about American exceptionalism and how there's sort of this automatic for America.  Yes, we are exceptional, but we're exceptional when we do exceptional things, when we behave exceptionally.  We're not doing that today. We're locked down into a gridlock status where other countries are racing by us.  I'll give you an example.  Over the next 20 years, $600 billion is going to be invested in green technology and green energy.  New jobs.  New jobs that could be for Americans.  Ninety percent of that investment's going to be in other countries.

Answer to come later.Hiut: It wasn't Bryce Harper.

UPDATE: The answer is Sen. John Kerry, who in future world where Ohio no longer exists would be midway through his second term about now. Homestly, it's hard to imagine what kind of president Kerry would have been -- his policies in Iraq and Afghanistan would have been exactly identical to Bush's surge and Obama's whatever, but beyond that I can't remember a single thing Kerry promised to do, except not be George W. Bush. You gotta bring more to the table than that.