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The B-word

The Daily News editorial board hit a home run with this editorial:

And while we're at it, let's try this on for size: Those who demand unlimited access to weapons - and bark at anyone suggesting restrictions on the number of guns they can buy - are not defending the Constitution, or freedom or integrity. They're defending their own disease. A disease that makes them freak out if they can't buy more than one gun a month.

Let's start calling them on their bullshit.

It's time for angry voices to penetrate the fog around Washington, including the White House, that the culture of guns is sick. And it's time to use the same weapons the gun lobby does: big, generous checks, to lawmakers and gun-control organizations. Let's come together over another idea: that we are not a nation that allows 20 children to be slaughtered.

The tone is right -- we can't let what happened Friday be the new normal.