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The NRA's R. Budd Dwyer moment

You could make the case that -- echoing the infamous 1987 case of Pennsylvania Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer -- the NRA called a press conference Friday to commit (political) suicide in front of a television audience. Just look at the reaction from New York City's not-at-all-liberal tabloids. LBJ said famously that if he'd lost Walter Cronkite (over Vietnam), he'd lost America. What does it say when the NRA loses Rupert Murdoch's conservative New York Post.

In a way, Wayne LaPierre's insane and inane rant to keep schools safe by flooding them with guns was a good thing. Moderate America needed to see -- in the words of a movie that aired this weekend -- that it should pay no attention to man behind the curtain.

That said, there's a wall of Tea Party congressmen -- like this whackadoo -- who may still thwart the growing American majority on gun sanity.

Then what?