I started to write a longer post about Sen. Joe Lieberman's move today to kill the more progressive parts of the healthcare bill today...but frankly I couldn't stomach devoting that much of my limited time on earth to him at this point. Let me just say this: I've been paying attention to politics on some level since I was nine years old and watched the cops beating up the hippies at the 1968 Democratic Convention, and over the course of 41 years I have never seen a move so cynical and so spiteful, at the expense of the health and well-being of millions of Americans, as Lieberman's backflips to kill any provision that is supported by liberals, even if it's something that he himself supported just three months ago.

Nine years ago, when he ran for vice president, Lieberman said that allowing people over 55 to buy into Medicare -- the very idea he killed today -- was the core of his ideas for health care, and he repeated that as recently as September 2009: