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The video the Pentagon didn't want you to see

In 1971, when majority of Americans were turning against the Vietnam War, we had the leak of the devastating Pentagon Papers. Now, in 2010, with Americans still waiting for our equally senseless military action in Iraq to finally end, that war has its own Pentagon Papers -- a video called "Collateral Murder" that shows the 2007 slaughter of two Reuters news employees -- including one carrying a camera that is mistaken for a rocket launcher -- and other civilian bystanders by American war helicopters. I do not in any way blame the American troops who were placed in the middle of a war that never needed to happen. It is George W. Bush and Dick Cheney -- still held unaccountable for their crimes against humanity -- who have this innocent blood on their hands. President Obama has promised to end this war -- he must do so as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of the departing troops.

And every American needs to watch "Collateral Murder," heartbreaking as it is.

One more thing -- God bless the people at WikiLeaks for getting this kind of information out to the world. The issue of government secrets is just as sensitive today as it was in 1971, but the reality of our actions in the world -- and not the santitized version that the people in power want you to believe in -- is information that U.S. citizens must have, and we cannot afford to err on the side of caution.