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UPDATED: This Schultz really does know nothing, nothing*

When Keith Olbermann left MSNBC, it created more than one hole in the network's lineup, In addition to losing Keith, it meant more airtime for Ed Schultz, a host whose cartoonish rants discredit the other thoughtful progressives on the network like Rachel Maddow, who manages to expose right-wing hypocrisy with a smile every night. Not so Ed Schultz. When people like Jon Stewart seek to do a "balanced" video montage of right-wing lunacy and left-wing lunacy, they always have plenty of conservative candidates.

But the left-wing lunatic clip is always Ed Schultz. Always. While there's a great need for someone who does what Schultz tries to do -- fiery defender of the blue-collar working man -- his actual shtick damages the liberal causes he professes to fight for.

Today on his radio show, Schultz called conservative pundit Laura Ingraham "a right-wing slut." That's outrageous, appalling, uncalled for, etc. I would not shed one tear if MSNBC fired him -- that probably won't happen, but he should at the minimum be suspended. There's no more liberal value than condemning hate speech, but especially when it comes from somebody who claims to be on your side.

I condemn Ed Schultz.

* 1960s cultural reference for old Baby Boomers.

UPDATE: Attytood gets instant results!