The "Keep It Local" version of conspiracy theories:

"There are two narratives you can follow," Mandel says. "One is, Mayor Nutter campaigned as an outsider, he's going to bring change, rip the tower off City Hall, rah rah rah. That message wins, he gets in, and he runs into the wall of, 'This is how we've always done it' ... and he can't get through the reforms he wants."

The other narrative, the "one that's more troubling" than that of the mayor as a naïve idealist, is this: Nutter was a part of the machine all along, and never intended to push through the reforms he promised. Instead, he was the reformer alternative to candidate Tom Knox, the independent businessman who almost entirely financed his own campaign. In this version, Nutter was set up to be the machine candidate to take down Knox, promising reforms he never actually meant to legislate.
Interesting...that would make Nutter the first candidate from Manchuria to win a Philadelphia mayoral race.