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UPDATED: Today's scandal scorecard: May 13, 2013

Attytood rates the gazillion scandals in today's news.

UPDATE: In the time it took to write this, a new Obama scandal broke out (!!!) -- government spying on journalists. Finally, an Obama scandal worthy of the name Watergate. What a disgrace. Fire Eric Holder, for God's sake. Scandal score: 9.5.

ORIGINAL POST: You can't tell the scandals today without a scorecard -- here's a quick guide:

Gosnell: Guilty, guilty, guilty! The only good that Gosnell accomplished with his little shop of horrors in West Philly was uniting anti-abortion and abortion rights activists. Gosnell was unsafe, illegal...and from now on, his liberty will be rare. Scandal score: 9.

IRS: Well, apparently President Obama got it half right at his news conference today -- when workers at the IRS are singling out groups for additional scrutiny because the words "Tea Party," "patriot," or "9-11" are in their name, that is beyond the word "outrageous." But I don't understand why Obama didn't go further -- and apologize that this happened under his watch. The Bush-era holdover who ran the IRS when this occurred is gone, but anyone who was involved and is still employed at the agency needs to be canned, as soon as possible, and there should be hearings to bring out the full extent of this.

What's unfortunate here is that the real scandal -- so-called non-profits tied to President Obama, Karl Rove and others that flout the current regs to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from 1 Percenters in an effort to buy elections -- will still be ignored. Scandal score: 8.

Rendell: Has this guy ever me a corrupt politician he didn't like? I hope to write a full-blown post on this later. Scandal score: 7.

Pols getting gifts. It's not just for Corbett anymore. Scandal score: 5.

Guatemala: Nobody could have predicted that the dictator that then-President Reagan in 1982 called 'a man of great personal integrity . . . totally dedicated to democracy' would turn out to be a war criminal. Scandal score: 8 in 1982, 1 in 2013.

Guns on Pennsylvania college campuses: If this makes sense to you, you may be a gun nut. Scandal score: 7.

Pressure cookers. If pressure cookers are outlawed, only outlaws will have pressure cookers. Scandal score. 5.

Benghazi. Still not feeling this one. So far the only allegation that got my attention -- that a whistleblower was demoted for speaking out -- fell apart in less than 24 hours. Ditto the "changed talking points" -- which seems more like bureaucratic in-fighting and/or ass-covering (some of it by a former aide to Dick Cheney, heh) -- than anything that deserves to mentioned in the same breath as a Watergate. This is makes sense as a major scandal if you are one of those people (and there are millions of them, amazingly) who look at Obama and say, here is a guy who likes terrorists. That's bizarre because I look at Obama and see a guy who's not only killing terrorists but other folks who merely look like their up to no good. Scandal score: 3.

Carbon dioxide. Still trying to figure out which was a bigger scandal over the weekend -- the news that manmade carbon pollution has reached an alarming milestone, or the way that news was downplayed in the media, including the New York Times website running it below its stories about Benghazi and the IRS. Because I think when our grandchildren are foraging for food in a barren, drought-stricken hellscape in the future, they won't be worrying much about State Department talking points. Scandal scores: Pollution 10, media 8.