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What about Bob?...and other hot takes

Bob Menendez is a political hack, and other hot takes.

What a week already. There are some days when -- as you've probably noticed -- I struggle to fill this space, but today there's a wealth of material. Here's some hot takes (heh, not really) on the news of the day.

-- The walking scandal that is Democratic U.S. Robert Menendez of New Jersey. I've never seen a story twist conservatives in knots like this one. He's a corrupt pol whose looming indictment is being ignored by the lamestream media (although for what it's worth that's where I learned of his problems) but he's also being unjustly prosecuted for standing up to President Obama on Iran. Huh?

What about Bob? It's not rocket science -- Menendez is a hack and, pending action in the U.S. judicial system, quite probably a crook as well, another guy who was dumb enough to take gifts from a rich guy and do polltical favors for said benefactor. Menendez has been skirting on the edge for a while -- he's a New Jersey spur of that moral vacuum in the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania that I wrote about recently. Personally, I think his knee jerk reaction against efforts for peace in Iran and in Cuba are more proof of his lack of an ethical compass, but his bigger problem is old-school corruption. Good riddins, hopefully, until we say hello to U.S. Sen. Donald Norcross. Sigh.

-- Speaking of Iran, remember that time that the 23 senators who opposed the war in Iraq wrote to Great Britain and Poland and warned them not to join the "coalition of the willing." Of course that never happened, so why are 47 GOP senators writing to Iran's leaders to scuttle President Obama's peace efforts? I guess treason is the reason for the season.

-- Speaking of the lamestream media, I agree with you, Mr. or Ms. Conservative Attytood Commenter, that it was a scandal when the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams wouldn't cover potential problems with Obamacare because it was too controversial. That means that you share my outrage that Williams also wouldn't cover a report critical of the U.S. drone problem, for the same reason. Maybe the media's real scandal isn't bias, but cowardice?

Come back in a little bit and we'll have a friendly chat about Hillary Clinton.