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What did Woodward and Bernstein know, and when did they know it?

I've told you in the past about my strange teenage obsession...with Watergate. As obsessions go, I think it was pretty well placed. So much of what we talk about here at Attytood is rooted in the Nixon era, and the role that journalism played -- or didn't play -- in taking down an American president.

So those post is largely for the handful of you who share my geeky passion for the scandal to end all scandals. The new New York magazine has a piece -- "The Red Flag in the Flowerpot" --  from a former researcher who worked closely with both the Washington Post's Bob Woodward and with Woodward's legendary editor, Ben Bredlee. With the 40th anniversary of Watergate looming, Jeff Himmelman is here to ask:

Did Woodward and his reporting partner Carl Bernstein engage in their own cover-up -- that some of the key information in their Pulitzer Prize-winning articles was obtained unlawfully from a grand juror?

Why did Bradlee seem to harbor doubts about the reporters' famous source, "Deep Throat" (evenually revealed as deputy FBI director Mark Felt)?

It's a great read...for Watergate geeks. Check it out.