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Would you please be quiet please?

Here's the thing about the soda tax: In general, I don't think it's a bad idea as a way to pay for certain needed programs, especially health related, while reducing consumption of something that's bad for you with little or no benefits (not unlike cigarettes or liquor, both of which we tax, last time I checked.)

That said, I don't really approve of the specific soda tax that Mayor Nutter is proposing right now. Why not? For one thing, it's way too high -- it really will hurt mom and pop stores in the neighborhoods -- and also any new revenue for the Philadelphia schools should not be a blank check, but tied into major changes in the way they operate, including getting rid of Arlene Ackerman but much more than that.

Having said all that, my question is this:

Given the fact that technically I agree with them, why do I find the anti-soda-tax people the most annoying people in the entire world?