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UPDATED: Yet another blogger taken in by Obama

Drudge is pro-Obama

There was a breathtaking picture of Sen. Barack Obama's rally in Portland, Ore., framed by the words "AS FAR AS CAMERA'S EYE CAN SEE … THE OBAMA MASS."

And there was thinly veiled mockery of two other candidates: "Clinton Sits Through Sermon About Adultery," was one headline. "State GOP chair: McCain 'kind of like Jesus,'" was another, closely followed by "McCain's national finance co-chair exits over lobbyist ties …"

Guess who. Here's the link.

I'll have more on this later.

UPDATE: OK, I don't really have a lot more on this, just to say that the recent Obama love from Matt Drudge and also from Rupert Murduch, two major right-tilting media figures, is kind of weird. Do you think it means:

1) They value going with a winner over ideology, and they think Obama will win.

2) They know there's an incredible piece of dirt out there on Obama. but their waiting until the fall when he's got the nomination nailed down.

3) They just really, really hate John McCain.

4) They think Obama's a nice guy.

Probably 1) and 3) combined, but who knows?