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Your liberal media strikes again

Remarkable story out today from that left-wing rag The Politico* about the similarities between the ways that President Obama and President Bush responded to very similar failed airplane attacks, and the strikingly different ways that the two commanders-in-chief were treated by your "liberal" American media. This passage boggles the mind on light of what we see today:

An Agence France Presse story was one of the few to call attention to the silence from Bush and other top officials.

"Four days after Richard Colvin Reid, 28, tried to set fire to his explosives laden shoes on a trans-Atlantic flight, neither the White House nor other authorities had spoken officially on the alleged would-be suicide bombing," AFP wrote on December 27, 2001.

During a wide-ranging 25-minute press availability with Bush the next day, reporters asked more than 15 questions, including queries about the president's New Year's Eve plans and a tree he'd planted. Bush was never asked about Reid, but mentioned the attempt in passing.

I'd explain this except I don't really understand it myself, despite having worked more nearly three decades in the media. It does make a difference that Democrats were highly deferential to Bush because U.S. troops were waging war in Afghanistan in December 2001, while Republicans are highly critical of Obama today...because we're still waging war in Afghanistan?

* Sarcasm.