1. Use eye shadow and a blending brush to even out your hairline.
2. If you run out of brow gel try using a clear lip-gloss instead.
3. Swatch a lipstick on your fingertip rather than your wrist for a more accurate swatch.
4. Switch out your regular pillowcase with a satin pillowcase for shinier hair.
5. Flip your pillow every other night to avoid breakouts.
6. For an intense highlight, spray your brush with a setting spray, like MAC PREP + PRIME FIX+.
7. Apply lash glue to your hairline to keep hair in place.
8. Fill a travel-sized bottle with water and keep it nearby to dampen your beauty sponge.
9. Fix mascara smudges with a spooly.
10. If you mess up the edges of your lipstick, clean it up with concealer.


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