The change in seasons doesn’t just call for a different wardrobe. Everything from cooler weather to stuffy indoor environments can really dry out your skin. Here are some insights from RealSelf Contributors Dr. Sejal Shah and Joel Schlessinger:
What happens to skin in the winter? With less humidity during the colder months, the skin lacks moisture, therefore it is more dry. This can cause rashes, redness, eczema, etc. 
What is the most important thing someone can do to take care of their skin before the winter? Use a gentle face cleanser. It will be less harsh on the skin. You can also try using fragrance-free creams for the body and face. 
Should you use more SPF during this time? You should wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 year round.
Are there any other ways to protect the skin from the winter besides skin products? Try using a humidifier, it helps bring moisture back into the air. Also, make sure you stay hydrated.
Are there certain makeup products one should avoid that may have a negative effect on the skin during the winter? Powder formulas can emphasize dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s important to keep skin moisturized and/or use a primer beforehand if you must use a powder. Try replacing matte products with cream or liquid products.

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