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Trump White House gig for Pa.'s Urban?

David Urban, a lobbyist and former chief of staff for Sen. Arlen Specter (when he was a Republican) ran the Donald Trump campaign's efforts in Pennsylvania. He is a favorite of GOP insiders to get a senior post in the Trump White House, according to Politico.

Pennsylvania native David Urban, a lobbyist and veteran Republican operative who was chief of staff to Sen. Arlen Specter when the latter was still in the GOP, is "almost certainly under consideration" to be a senior aide in a Trump White House, Politico said Saturday in its popular Playbook feature.

Urban declined to comment on that possibility, but he gave a short interview with Playbook in which he discussed how Trump carried the Keystone State, the first Republican nominee to do so in 28 years. An ally of former campaign chief Paul Manafort, Urban was the Trump campaign's director in the state.

Here is the Playbook item:

Urban came on board early for Trump, spending nearly three months in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention before returning to his home state of Pennsylvania to run Trump's ground game there. Urban, a partner at the lobbying firm American Continental Group, said he put Trump's family to work in Pennsylvania. He planned speeches on child care in the Philly suburbs. And Melania Trump gave her only campaign speech to woo women voters in the Keystone State. The campaign knocked on more than 200,000 doors a day in the lead up to Election Day.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH URBAN -- HOW TRUMP WON PA:"Secretary Clinton, her campaign, they did a good job ... They got their vote out. They did a good job getting the numbers they thought they needed in Philly and the suburbs because that's all that's traditionally been needed to win. We just got more. We redrew the map in Pennsylvania." The Trump victory was the "great white whale" that hadn't happened in nearly 30 years.

-- CLINTON'S MESSAGE DIDN'T WORK: "The economic elitism of the other side - the Clinton Foundation, the notion of this pay to play, hyper elites, the Davos crowd isn't a message that resonates. As many times as Secretary Clinton went to Scranton and portray[ed] herself as the daughter of a factory worker who makes lace tablecloths, I don't think anybody was buying it."

-- HOW THEY WON: "There are 67 counties in Pennsylvania. We overperformed dramatically in many of these counties that have big populations - 60, 70, 80 percent of people turned out. So when you get an extra 2,000 votes in 60 counties, that's enough to put you over."

-- VOTERS VOTED FOR TRUMP, NOT THE GOP: "I think if President-elect Trump remains on the ballot they will remain. Those are Trump voters ... I think it is totally a Trump phenomenon."