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Corbett launches reelection web site

Gov. Corbett has spiffed up his political website, a sign that the reelection campaign is ramping up.

Since nothing goes uncontested for long in today's politics, Democrats had their own take on the governor's record.

"Governor Corbett will have to defend his record of failure and controversy," said Marc Eisenstein, spokesoman for the state Democratic Party. " Governor Corbett has cut education, thrown Pennsylvania's most vulnerable off our healthcare rolls, and insulted women, unemployed Pennsylvanians and now Latinos."

The last is a reference to remarks Corbett has made about legislation requiring ultrasounds before abortions, intimations that some jobs are going unfilled because unemployment benefits are too generous and many people cannot pass a drug test. Finally, in a story that broke Wednesday, Corbett was filmed at a recent forum sponsored by Al Dia newspaper in Philadelphia responding in the negative when asked if he has any Latinos on his staff. "If you can find us one, please let me know," he said.

The video, produced by Al Dia, was circulated by the liberal organization Think Progress.