Crossroads Grassroots Public Strategies (GPS), the committee tied to former Bush adviser Karl Rove that spent millions in the presidential campaign, is weighing in on the messy fiscal cliff negotiations with a TV ad for national cable.
The spot argues that President Obama is proposing insignificant spending  cuts to go along with tax increases in the negotiations, violating his promise of a serious, “balanced” approach to the nation’s budget problems.
"President Obama's idea of a balanced plan is that we pay more and government gets to spend more,” said Crossroads GPS president and CEO Steven Law. “The White House has shown it is not serious about the debt, as it has yet to propose significant spending cuts to go along with its massive proposed tax hikes. Serious revenue concessions have been made, but Obama won't take yes for an answer."
The national cable networks – including CNN, CNBC, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Headline News, and MSNBC – for one week starting Thursday in a $500,000 buy. The spot will also run on Sunday talk shows in the Washington, DC designated market area.