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McGinty out with two new ads in Pa. gov

Katie McGinty, in an effort to stretch her advertising dollars, has launched two new 15-second ads in Pennsylvania's Democratic primary for governor.

Katie McGinty, the least-funded of the four challengers seeking the Democratic nomination for governor, launched two new 15-second TV spots Tuesday.

One highlights McGinty's proposal to tax natural-gas drilling, with all the proceeds going to education, while the second spot touts the investment in clean energy during her tenure as state environmental secretary; it also notes McGinty worked in environmental policy in the Clinton administration and is endorsed by former Vice President Al Gore.

Standard political ads are 30 seconds long. Breaking that time in two extends the frequency of her advertising.

McGinty's campaign said the ads will appear in broadcast markets across the state, except for Philadelphia, the most expensive.

See "Severance Tax" embedded below. Here is a link to "Work," the ad about the creation of environmentally friendly jobs in Pennsylvania.