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The Milton invites The Donald to Philly

Philadelphia political fixture Milton Street meets Donald Trump, pushes him to commit to a campaign visit to Philadelphia.

From my colleague, ace Inquirer reporter Chris Brennan, comes this moment of political awesomeness:

In a summit of showmen, T. Milton Street met briefly with Donald Trump before a campaign event in Manassas, Va., Wednesday and urged the Republican presidential front-runner to visit Philadelphia.

"I told him I needed him to come to Philly to talk to the black community and hear their concerns," Street told Brennan. "He said, 'I'll come.'"

Street, the community activist-turned state senator-turned federal prison inmate-turned two-time mayoral candidate, has been a colorful presence in Philadelphia politics for more than three decades. His brother, John F. Street, was mayor from 2000 to 2008.

Street said he also had a chance to ask Trump a question publicly at the event.  He said he opened with his opinion that Black Lives Matter activists should be as concerned about blacks killing blacks as they are about whites killing blacks.

Street then asked Trump again to visit Philadelphia, he told Brennan. Trump again agreed.

A spokeswoman for Trump's campaign Thursday confirmed the exchange with Milton Street.