The Obama campaign Monday announced a $25 million television ad buy in nine battleground states, including Pennsylvania, to air a spot aimed at reminding voters what the president has accomplished despite taking office in deep economic crisis.
“We’re not letting our foot off the pedal,” campaign manager Jim Messina said in a conference call with reporters Monday morning. “We have a very simple choice between going forward and going back.”
Messina and senior adviser David Axelrod said that the spot, called “Go,” is part of broader effort to set administration achievements in the context of Obama’s having inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression and two wars. The ad emphasizes the auto-industry bailout, successfully ending the Iraq war and winding down the war in Afghanistan, and modest growth in jobs, while acknowledging that the economy is “still too hard for too many.”
Axelrod said that the ad contrasts with Republican Mitt Romney’s efforts to blame continuing economic problems on the administration without offering a believable alternative plan for turning things around. Instead, Romney has smothered opponents with negative ads.
“We’re in a different place,” Axelrod said. “We’re fighting through. There are still significant headwinds.” Messina said that Romney acts as if “world history began” when Obama was inaugurated in January 2009.
On the contrary, President Obama does not want to accept responsibility for the failures of his policies, said Amanda Henneberg, spokeswoman for the Romney campaign.
“After a doubling of gas prices, declining incomes, millions of foreclosures, and record levels of unemployment, Americans know they’re not better off than they were four years ago,” Henneberg said. “Mitt Romney’s pro-growth agenda will get America back on track and stop the middle-class squeeze of the Obama economy.”
The Obama spot is also airing in Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida and Colorado.
Axelrod told reporters that the Obama re-elect is prepared to counter attacks from Romney and added that the campaign would treat ads from independent super PACS supporting the Republican as if they came from the candidate himself. Axelrod mocked the Koch brothers, conservative billionaires who have financed several anti-Obama groups as “contract killers over there in super PAC land who are going to continue to pound away on behalf of Gov. Romney.”
The Obama campaign has also run some negative ads against Romney, including one recently in Ohio, Virginia and Iowa that mentioned his “Swiss bank account” and intimated he got rich by buying and chopping up countries, shipping jobs overseas.
Here is the new Obama “Go” ad: