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Ridge: 'Not a chance' he'd vote for Trump

Former Pa. Gov. Tom Ridge, the nation's first homeland security secretary, said Tuesday he could not support Donald Trump if he were to become the Republican presidential nominee. Trump is an "embarrassment" to the party and country, Ridge said on MSNBC.

Tom Ridge, the first homeland security secretary and a former Pennsylvania governor, said Tuesday there was "no chance" he'd vote for Donald Trump if the real-estate tycoon were somehow to become the Republican nominee for president.

"I think he's an embarrassment to the party, I think he's an embarrassment to the country," Ridge told Chuck Todd on MTP Daily on MSNBC. Trump's suggestion that there should be a complete ban on Muslims entering the U.S., either as immigrants or visitors, "plays into the hands of ISIS," Ridge said.

"I've never thought loud, obnoxious, simple solutions to complex problems were the kind of qualities we want in a president," the former governor said. He supports Jeb Bush.

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