Mitt Romney is up with his latest television ad in Iowa, a 30-second spot called “Conservative Agenda” that shows the former Massachusetts governor in a presidential vein, talking about his firm commitment to making government smaller and smarter and getting the economy moving again. There are shots of him touring factories, walking across a just-planted field*, and  of a child hitting a Wiffle ball.
“It’s a moral imperative for America to stop spending more money than we take in,” Romney says. “It’s killing jobs, and it’s keeping our kids from having the bright prospects they deserve.”
The latest polls ahead of Iowa’s Jan. 3 caucuses show Romney, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Rep. Ron Paul all bunched together for the lead – but, fair warning, it’s notoriously hard to predict the low-turnout caucuses and the GOP race has been volatile all year.
Romney plans to arrive in Davenport, Iowa Tuesday evening after a couple of events in New Hampshire, then go on a three-day bus tour of Iowa.
(An alert Tent reader points out that is not Mitt Romney walking the just-planted field, but a grayer man in a farmer's cap. Sorry for the error. The message of the image is clear though - Romney is about the "future.")