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Trump calls Mayor Nutter 'low life'

Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia called Donald Trump an [expletive deleted term for a bodily orifice], and the presidential candidate tweeted that hizzoner is a "low life."

Is a long-distance war of words breaking out between Mayor Nutter and Republican presidential poll-leader Donald Trump?

On Wednesday, a day after Nutter called Trump a vulgar term for a bodily orifice that begins with the letter "A,"  the real-estate mogul tweeted his displeasure.

Nutter, he wrote, is doing a terrible job and "should be ashamed for using such a disgusting word in referring to me. Low life!" Earlier, Trump replied to a follower on Twitter who asked if he'd heard what Nutter called him. "Yes, he is a crude dope!" said Trump, who used the wrong handle for @Michael_Nutter.

(Because Trump, of course, is a refined gentleman at all times.)

Nutter used the bad word during a Tuesday afternoon press conference with clergy about the desecration of the al Aqsa mosque in North Philadelphia. It was in reference to Trump's proposal to put a halt to the entry of all Muslims into the U.S. The mayor immediately apologized ti his guests after blurting it out, according to reporters who were there.

"I apologize, reverends, people of the religious community, I apologize," he said.

Earlier Tuesday, Nutter told reporters prior to a political endorsement that he would ban Trump from the city if he had the power to do so, saying the candidate "has taken a page from the playbook of Hitler" with comments demonizing Muslims.