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Trump: 'Hour of justice for the American worker'

President Trump told a conference of Republican members of Congress in Philadelphia that "the hour of justice for the American worker has arrived," with a wall on the Mexican border, a crackdown on sanctuary cities, and renegotiated trade deals that will bring back U.S. jobs.

"We're here now because tens of millions of Americans have placed their hopes in us, to transfer power from Washington, D.C., and give it back to the people," Trump said, speaking to representatives and senators at their annual strategy retreat at the Loews hotel.

"Now we have to deliver," Trump said. "Enough 'all talk, no action.' This is our chance to achieve lasting change for our beloved nation."

He said that this session of Congress would be the "busiest" in years, and perhaps in history, working on repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act and an overhaul of the tax code to lower corporate taxes and levies on the middle class.

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Trump began by savoring his electoral victory in Pennsylvania; he was the first GOP nominee to carry the state since 1988. "They said Pennsylvania cannot be won. There is no path to victory in Pennsylvania for Trump. It was a great evening," the president said.

It was Trump's first trip outside Washington since he was inaugurated last Friday. Before the president arrived in Philadelphia, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that he was canceling a planned visit with Trump.

"We will look for a date to schedule something in the future," Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to the city. "We will keep the lines of communication open."

Speaking to the lawmakers, Trump said that he and Peña Nieto had "agreed" to cancel their meeting, which was to have been next week, because it would have been "fruitless."

Trump spoke for 25 minutes. He did not answer questions from lawmakers off-camera, though Spicer told reporters that had been the plan.