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Birds Have Chance to Create the 20-20 Club

Eagles' pair have a unique sack/TD thing going.

When @drewdavis71 tweeted us the following question last week — "any team ever boast a 20 td and a 20 sack man in the same season?" — we were equally immersed in Christmas shopping and something resembling egg nog, so we weren't able to answer him until the sales (and the headaches) were over.

But it turns out he brings up quite a point: The Eagles could be the first 20-20 team in NFL history.

Officially, sacks have been kept by the NFL since just 1982, and the closest anyone has come to a 20-20 year in that time is the 1986 Redskins (see chart below).

(And we even considered the six pre-1982 20-TD seasons and compared those teams with John Turney's pre-1982 sack research, and can safely say there were no 20-20 teams involved.)

If Babin (shown above sacking the Falcons' Matt Ryan earlier this season) can register one sack in the season finale against the Redskins, the Birds will become the first 19-19 NFL team, but since 20-20 rolls off the tongue much better, we'll hold out for a pair.