Cole Hamels pitches the same, but has a much better record in odd-numbered months than in even.

But for a two-out, none-on error on a pop foul by Mets catcher John Buck on Sunday that kept the seventh inning alive and led to three runs and and a Phillies victory, Cole Hamels would have been winless in April. But that wouldn't have been a surprise.

In his career, Hamels is four games under .500 (39-43) in the even-numbered months, but 33 games over .500 (53-20) when the pages on the calendar are odd.

And that should surprise you, because almost all of his pitching numbers (as well as opposing batter totals) show no significant difference in those breakdowns.

Opposing batters' breakdown in on-base average (.289 even/.287 odd), slugging percentage (.391/.391) and WHIP (1.15/1.13) are virtually identical.

Here are his complete regular season numbers entering his first May start Saturday