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Shady McCoy: Small Steps

McCoy's numbers in win against Dolphins were remarkable.

Thanks to the fine folks at and their wonderful play index — I could play with that thing for hours — we are able to tell you that the 38 rushing yards gained by LeSean McCoy (above) on Sunday were the fewest by any running back with at least 27 carries in a game since at least 1960 (as far back as their database will search).

Below are players with 53 or fewer yards in a game in which they carry 27 or more times.

Notable: Nine of the 10 players did so in wins ... Nine of the 10 also did it on the road ... Notice the two Hall of Famers listed at 53 yards ... McCoy's yards-per-carry (1.41) was just slightly higher than Martin's (1.40) ... The Bengals' Paul Robinson had 33 yards on 26 carries in a 1968 game at the Jets ... Tom Woodeshick (27-79 in 1968 against  the Lions) is the next lowest Eagle ... McCoy's performance was the 31st time an Eagle had 27 or more attempts since 1960; 24 of them gained 100 or more yards in the game.