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Single Digits (April 15)

Single Digits (April 15)

A half-dozen quick stats that caught our attention recently --

♦ The Phillies' B.J. Rosenberg Monday night became the first pitcher in at least 100 years (and probably forever) to face only three batters in a game and allow three home runs. A half-dozen players have allowed three homers over just four batters faced, the most recent being the Orioles' Pedro Viola in 2011.

♦ After the Sixers beat the Celtics Monday night ... and before the Lakers won later ... those three teams had combined for 68 wins this season, a total that each of those franchises had reached in at least one season themselves.

♦ The Sixers bench shot 21-for-30 (70%) in their victory.

♦ Phillies opponents have more home runs at Citizens Bank Park this season (14) than the Phils have overall (13).

♦ Chase Utley is now 22-for-45 and hitting .489. If he fails to get a hit in his next 28 at-bats, he would still be batting .301 (22-for-73).

♦ Daily News' handicapper Vegas Vic finished at +$465 for the college basketball season.