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The No. 8 Road Less Taken

Sixers record second largest road victory by an 8th seed ever.

The Sixers' 17-point win Tuesday is the second-largest road margin of victory by a No. 8 seed ever. It is the 19th road win by an "8" over a No. 1 seed. Those 19 games are below.


♦ Tuesday marked the first time in history that the Sixers won a road playoff game on the same day that the Flyers lost a home playoff game.

♦ The East 8th seed hadn't won a road game since April 20, 2003, a 25-game losing streak.

Coming into Tuesday's game, No. 8 seeds on the road vs. No. 1 were 18-119 (.151) ... Since that round went to best-of-seven (2003) No. 8 seeds on the road were 4-48 (.094).

♦ One of those 18 road victories, was the Pacers winning here to kick off the 2001 playoffs.