The man who carjacked Lyudmila Burshteyn, a Russian immigrant, and then shot her to death in a Burlco field, will probably get life when he is sentenced Friday.  
But if he is ever released, on appeal or whatever, he would face deportation.  
Lenroy Laurance, 29 is an illegal immigrant from Jamaica. He is due in court to find out his fate after a jury convicted him of murder, kidnapping and carjacking in a gruesome October 2009 incident.   
Burshteyn's son, Ruslan, is upset Laurance wasn't deported years ago after he was convicted of selling drugs in New York and served time in jail.   "How is it possible someone would let him go free?" Burshteyn asks.
Illegal immigrants who commit a felony are supposed to be sent back home after doing their time.  But something apparently went wrong.  A spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement said he would check into it but after a flurry of e-mails, couldn't come up with an explanation.

Ruslan says his mother might still be alive today if Laurance had been deported the first time.  "This could have been prevented," he said.  "I'm pretty angry."