Good thing tax appeal season is over.

Camden tax assessor Frank Librizzi abruptly resigned Apr. 14 (though since that's a Saturday, the city is saying Apr. 13 as the official day).

Librizzi, who's been the city's go-to tax guy for several years, turned in a handwritten note on a ruled sheet of paper, dated April 14, that simply read:

"Honorable Mayor Dana Redd,

As of today, April 14, 2012 I hereby tender my resignation as Camden tax assessor."

Deputy Tax Assessor Melissa Mallory is currently filling in but city officials say they definitely need another body or two in that office.

No word yet on why Librizzi resigned. Attempts to reach him at home have been unsuccessful.

Librizzi was involved in the city's $3.5 million property reassessment project, which wrapped up last year. The revaluation hit some residents hard yet not many appealed. Out of 32,000 properties only 800 appealed last year and about 400 appealed this year. The deadline for appeals was April 2. Click here for my previous story on the appeals.