The recently released Census figures paint a grim picture of Camden. One that is worse than the year before.

According to the new estimates, Camden is the poorest city in the country with a poverty rate of 42.5 percent. The rate for children living in poverty in Camden was even higher with a rate of 56.7 percent.

Other stark statistics included Camden's median income in 2011 was $21,191, the lowest among the 555 cities and places surveyed. It was a huge drop from Camden's median income in 2010 of $28,720.

The 26 percent decrease in median income put Camden at the top of the list in an almost tie with Goodyear, Ariz., which had a 26.5 percent drop.

In an e-mail Friday, I asked city spokesman Robert Corrales how the Mayor Dana L. Redd reacted to the news and what she is doing to address the situation.

Here is what he said:

"Camden has been faced with many hardships for several decades, especially since the decline of manufacturing jobs in the City.  This Administration is working hard to reverse these hardships by addressing issues such as public safety, education, and economic development.  Mayor Redd is committed to moving Camden forward by confronting these issues and creating real sustainable solutions with all our stakeholders – residents, faith based institutions, our higher educational and healthcare institutions, private and civic organizations."