Camden's now-famous drill team Sophisticated Sisters performed on Good Morning America earlier today as part of it's You're Not Dreaming series of inspirational stories.

The girls who were just on Dancing with the Stars last week, got another glimpse of fame Monday morning as they performed in front of a large live audience and millions of TV viewers.

After dancing to Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" outside of the GMA studios in New York, the girls were shown a video of a recent interview with Beyonce in which the diva says she was "inspired" by the sisters and wants to meet them.

The sophisticated sisters jumped up and down as Beyonce said she plans to "send them some love and some goodies."

"I loved their story," Beyonce said. "The icing on the cake is they did 'Get Me Bodied.'"

Tawanda "Wa-Wa" Jones, who founded the team 26 years ago, was recently nominated for the CNN Hero award.