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Marketing company, Webimax, says it's coming to Camden

The digital marketing company currently based in Mt. Laurel says they're waiting for the ink to dry on contracts with the state before moving to the waterfront.

Webimax, an online marketing company employing 100 people - and hiring up to 100 more over the next two years - plans on moving from Mt. Laurel to the Camden waterfront.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, CEO of the company, which was ranked New Jersey's fastest growing business in 2012 by Inc. magazine, said he's waiting on a final contract from the state, which he expects within the next week.

"We've never received any funds from the state and frankly our biggest concern was we move quickly, sign a lease, and they say these funds dried up – so once we get that final contract, barring any surprises, we're locked and loaded," he said.

The state, under incentives outlined in the New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act, is offering $12 million over ten years to Webimax to come to Camden's shore. Originally, Wisnefski planned to set up shop in Delaware. The governor there called him personally after hearing about the company's successes.

"They were very emphatic about it and interested in positioning themselves to blow us away with an offer to move there."

New Jersey, where Wisnefski had hoped to stay, wasn't as proactive.

"I thought we've had some of these accolades in New Jersey and never gotten so much as a, "nice job" from anyone from the state."

So Wisnefski, who lives in Ocean City and who has many employees in the South Jersey/Philadelphia region, reached out to the New Jersey Governor's office, who started to put things in motion.

It hasn't been a quick process – "laborious" and "slow-moving," Wisnefski said, but he's hoping to be in his office at the Ferry Terminal Building, with views of Philadelphia and the Ben Franklin bridge, by October 1.

Wisnefski said the company is also hiring, about 50 people and will take on another 50 over the next year.

A career fair at the Mt Laurel office - 6000 Commerce Parkway – Suite A - is slated for 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday.

Positions include common sales, customer support and social media.

And those graduating in coming weeks will be happy to hear Wisnefski said many opportunities are geared toward recent college grads.

"The demographic is very ingrained with social media, which is advantageous for us because in some cases it menas little training for those students," he said.

Note: Webimax is not one of the large, yet-to-be-announced projects Mayor Redd and others have said are coming to Camden. That's still a capital secret.

-Julia Terruso