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Katie McGinty calls U.S. Senate rival Pat Toomey "an a--hole"

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty called her Republican opponent "an a--hole" while at a labor union event Monday at the Democratic National Convention.

The comments about Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) came at a press conference with labor union leaders calling for raising the minimum wage. It was quickly followed by an apology.

"I might borrow from Chris' speech there in terms of Pat Toomey -- he's an a--hole dammit," McGinty said to laughter and applause.

She was referring to Chris Shelton, president of the Communications Workers of America, who had spoken before McGinty -- and used the same expletive to describe Donald Trump. Republicans circulated video of the event (which includes other swear words by other speakers).

McGinty apologized later Monday.

"I regret the language I used and apologize to Senator Toomey. Our campaign is about moving Pennsylvania forward and we're going to continue to talk about the issues that are important to Pennsylvania families," she said in a statement e-mailed by her spokesman.

Her speech was part of a push titled "Raise it, Damn It."

Toomey's campaign wrote on Twitter that they would refer McGinty to her campaign chairman, former Gov. Ed Rendell, "who called Pat Toomey 'a man of uncommon decency.' Apology accepted."

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, however, called for McGinty to lose her speaking slot Thursday night at the convention, noting that Hillary Clinton is running a television ad criticizing Trump for his foul language and off-color comments.

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