New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, a longtime gun control advocate, blistered the National Rifle Association in a news release issued immediately after the group's Friday press conference.
"It is beyond belief that following the Newtown tragedy, the National Rifle Association’s leaders want to fill our communities with guns and arm more Americans," Lautenberg said, responding to a proposal from NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre, who called for putting armed police in every school.
LaPierre blamed deadly shooting in part on the media's glorification of violence, video games, movies and music videos.
"The NRA points the finger of blame everywhere and anywhere it can, but they cannot escape the devastating effects of their reckless comments and irresponsible lobbying tactics," said Lautenberg, a Democrat. "The NRA leadership is wildly out of touch with its own members, responsible gun owners, and the American public who want to close dangerous loopholes and enact common-sense gun safety reform."
Lautenberg reiterated his call to ban high-capacity gun magazines.
"It is clear that their real priority is to help gun manufacturers sell more guns — not to protect our children or Americans’ rights. The extreme rhetoric of Wayne LaPierre and the NRA is disturbing and dangerous, and will only exacerbate America’s deadly culture of gun violence."