WASHINGTON – Congressman Pat Meehan gave a thumbs up Tuesday to Sony's decision to release The Interview in theaters, while seeming to give the movie itself a thumbs down.

"Freedom of expression in America shouldn't be subject to the whims of a dictator," Meehan, a Delaware County Republican said in a news release.

Meehan, a former U.S. Attorney, chairs the House's cybersecurity subcommittee. He weighed in Tuesday on the movie that Sony planned to pull back after the company was hit by a North Korean compuer hack, but that will now be released.

"The Interview may not be for everyone. It looks like a silly comedy. I probably won't be seeing it over the holidays myself," Meehan said. "But Americans should get to make that decision for themselves. The decision to make this movie available in a free society is the right one."

No word yet on whether this statement represented history's first Congressional press release on a Seth Rogen vehicle.

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