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'The Outpost' is in

The newspaper staff of "The Indian Post," Unionville High's student newspaper, has published an underground edition in response to a censorship debate.

The group of Unionville High students waving wildly at the intersection of Routes 926 and 82 yesterday were not soliciting for donations: They were distributing free copies of "The Outpost." The publication, an underground version of "The Indian Post," the school newspaper, came in response to a censorship debate (see earlier posting) with the school administration.

In "The Outpost," the conflict is the focus of an editorial entitled "Censorship defies educational goals" as well as the lead story on Page 1, which expresses the hope that "this issue of 'The Outpost' will facilitate a candid discussion between the administration and next year's 'Indian Post' staff."  The lead story ends with an invitation for the high school administration to submit a response to the "The Indian Post" or "The Outpost," whichever prevails.