West Goshen Police said a township resident called to say that he was likely the individual suspected of a child-luring attempt, which was a misunderstanding.

Police said the resident responded to a message issued by the West Chester Area School District about a suspicious vehicle at the intersection of Mackenzie Drive and Cotswold Lane. An 11-year-old girl told police that a man motioned for her to approach his car, which was across the street. She responded by running home and reporting the incident. In response, police issued an alert to the school district and the media.

The resident told police that he was at the above-mentioned intersection around 8 a.m. and was waiting for other vehicles observing a stop sign in front of him. He said he thought the girl "was attempting to walk to her bus stop on the other side of the intersection." He said "as he motioned to the juvenile that it was clear to walk in front of his vehicle, the juvenile turned around and ran away in the opposite direction." Police said they notified the school district and the media of the new information.