Two Pennsylvania state representatives who were allegedly caught on tape accepting money and a former state representative are expected to be charged tomorrow in the sting investigation that was buried by Attorney General Kathleen Kane, then resurrected by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

The representatives are Michelle Brownlee, 58, and Louise Bishop, 81, a reverend who hosts a weekday gospel radio show. The former representative is Harold James, the Daily News has learned. James, 64, is also a former police officer. All three are Philly Democrats.

The charges include bribery, conspiracy and related offenses.

In December, Williams charged state Reps. Vanessa Lowery Brown and Ronald Waters. They waived their preliminary hearings in January. (Waters' formal arraignment is on his birthday, unfortunately).

Thomasine Tynes, the former president judge of Traffic Court, pleaded guilty in December to accepting a $2,000 Tiffany bracelet from lobbyist-turned-informant Tyron Ali.

The Inquirer has reported that Waters allegedly took $8,750, Bishop allegedly took $1,500, Brownlee allegedly took $2,000, and Brown allegedly took $4,000.

"What do you need me to do?" Brown asked Ali during one exchange, according to the grand jury.

The investigation was launched in 2010 by then-Attorney General Tom Corbett, but later terminated by Kane, who cited multiple problems with the probe, including possible racial targeting. Brown is chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus.

Williams revived it last year and put it in the hands of a local grand jury.

Bishop, Brownlee and James could not immediately be reached for comment.