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'Sieg Heil,' swastikas, racist Trump graffiti appear in South Philly

Spray-painted swastikas and references to Donald Trump and Nazi Germany have appeared on a South Philly storefront this morning, the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht. Similar graffiti has been spotted elsewhere.

Spray-painted swastikas, racist graffiti  and references to Donald Trump and Nazi Germany have appeared on a South Philadelphia storefront and elsewhere.

"That makes this singular event all the more distressing and horrifying," said Nancy Baron-Baer, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL's full statement is here.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that officers were called to the 1300 block of South Broad around 10:39 a.m. Wednesday by a citizen who reported a swastika and German writing on glass.

Video surfaced on social media that showed a worker later washing off the anti-Semitic symbols.

We're also getting reports of similar graffiti elsewhere in South Philly.

A photo posted by Twitter user @Anthony19145 this morning showed a white SUV covered in black spray paint that read "Trump Rules" and "Black Bitch" parked at the Liberty Auto Body shop in South Philadelphia. An employee who answered the phone at the shop did not want to be identified but said the vehicle was brought in this morning by its shaken owner. The staffer said detectives had already been to the business to investigate.

A police spokeswoman said authorities responded to reports of vandalism of "multiples autos and houses" on the 900 block of South 6th Street around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. The graffiti-covered car at the auto body shop is believed to have been among the houses and cars damaged along South 6th Street.

Reporter Michael Matza flagged this "Trump rules" graffiti  at 6th and Carpenter. @Philly311 responded that it's sending a cleanup request.

Mayor Kenney said in a statement today: "The acts of political and racial vandalism that occurred this morning in South Philadelphia must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. As I said in my statement to residents today, in the wake of the election, Philadelphians must work tirelessly to bridge the divides that have plagued this nation for decades. I know that many residents are planning to take part in vigils and rallies tonight and in the days ahead, and I urge you to gather respectfully and peacefully."

Check back for updates.