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Center City Bike Lanes Here To Stay?

Looks like the bike lanes on Spruce and Pine streets in Center City may be staying.

Deputy Mayor for Transportation and Utilities Rina Cutler said that after temporarily trying out the bike lanes for about two months, she will recommend to Mayor Nutter that they become permanent.

The lanes run from 22nd to Front Street on Pine and from 22nd to 2nd Street on Spruce, leaving one lane for drivers. According to the streets department, the bike lanes have boosted bicycle ridership, with cycling up 65 percent during peak traffic hours. During those time periods, there are about 11 percent less cars and trucks on those streets, but at other times of day the volume is about the same.

Cutler said she'd like to see more city bike lanes, but hasn't determined where yet.

The streets department was set to present this data tonight at a public meeting at the University of the Arts.